Framing Environmental Degradation, Human Mobility and Human Development as a “Matter of Common Concern”

    On average, 22.5 million people move each year within and across borders because of climate and weather-related disasters. Alongside those who move are those who stay behind or are trapped in severe conditions of vulnerability where habitation on land might no longer be possible. Furthermore, these impacts are not distributed equally; we know that those who have least contributed to anthropogenic climate change are affected the most. Without concerted action and a reconfiguration of State sovereignty and interests, this global problem cannot be effectively addressed.

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    Webinar for educators of the Trentino Region

    On Thursday October 29, prof. Fornalé organized a professional webinar for educators of the Trentino Region. Her work, the interactive mapping exercise and the geo-archive, have been translated into resources for educators to bring climate migration into the classroom, including teaching materials for introducing students to this emerging field of study. The webinar featured real stories from her fieldwork in the Small Pacific Islands States. The training is a collaboration between Fornalé’s research team and the ACCRI association within the framework of the project “Insieme per l’Ambiente. Sensibilizziamo le giovani generazioni sulla giustizia climatica” (Together for the Environment. Attract younger generation to engage with climate justice), funded by the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.


    Training in Migration Studies for professionals, co-organized with Cinformi (Center for Migration), Province of Trento, April .

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