Framing Environmental Degradation, Human Mobility and Human Development as a “Matter of Common Concern”

    On average, 22.5 million people move each year within and across borders because of climate and weather-related disasters. Alongside those who move are those who stay behind or are trapped in severe conditions of vulnerability where habitation on land might no longer be possible. Furthermore, these impacts are not distributed equally; we know that those who have least contributed to anthropogenic climate change are affected the most. Without concerted action and a reconfiguration of State sovereignty and interests, this global problem cannot be effectively addressed.

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    Prof. Elisa Fornalé appointed as Co-Rapporteur of the ILA Committee focusing on the Protection of Affected Persons in the Context of Sea Level Rise

    Prof. Elisa Fornalé hosted the Virtual Meeting of the International Law Association (ILA) on 22 November 2021.
    Prof. Fornalé as co-rapporteur of the ILA Committee together with Prof. Davor Vidas (chair) and Prof. David Freestone (co-rapporteur), introduced and discussed with members of the Committee the first draft Report that will be presented at the Lisbon ILA Conference in June 2022.
    Two new members who joined the Committee were officially welcomed: Prof. Frida Armas-Pfirter (of the Argentine ILA branch) and Prof. Giuseppe Nesi (of the Italian ILA branch). Prof. Nesi has recently also been appointed as new member of the International Law Commission
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    The 2022 ILA conference was held in Lisbon. Photo by André Lergier on Unsplash

    Biennial Conference of the International Law Association (ILA) in Lisbon

    19-24 June 2022

    SNSF Prof. Dr. Elisa Fornalé was part of this year’s Biennial Conference of the International Law Association (ILA) in Lisbon, which took place from 19-24 June, as Co-rapporteur of the ILA Committee on International Law and Sea Level Rise. The ILA promotes the study, clarification and development of international law as its main objectives. Its work is organized through international committees and study groups convened to examine topical international legal issues. Among the current 20 international committees, the Committee on International Law and Sea Level Rise brings together 45 prominent legal experts from 23 ILA branches, and is chaired by FNI Research Professor Davor Vidas, of the Norwegian ILA branch. As Co-Rapporteur of the ILA Committee on International Law and Sea Level Rise, Elisa Fornalé presented the interim report of the committee addressing implications of sea level rise for: the law of the sea (Part II), and statehood and the rights of affected populations (Part III) together with Professor Davor Vidas. This year’s report is the third one, following up on the reports presented in 2016 and 2018.

    Citizenship and Migration: Europe's 21st Century Challenges

    4-8 July 2022

    In July 2022, SNSF Professor Dr. Elisa Fornalé gave a lecture at the Radboud Summer School "Citizenship and Migration: Europe's 21st Century Challenges". The topic was “Sea Level Rise, Human Mobility and International Law: A Legal Overview of Emerging Protection Gaps”.

    The summer scholl course took place from 4 to 8 July 2022 to explore the interconnected fields of citizenship and migration in the European Union with a view to understand relevant policies and laws affecting migrants and citizens.

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